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Name labels (90 pcs.)

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Product details

MyDummy name labels help you keep track of your child’s clothes and other belongings. By using name labels you avoid that your child’s things get mixed up with other children’s belongings, get lost at school, at the nursery school and elsewhere.  

The name labels measure 32 x 14 mm and function as peel-and-stick labels that can be attached directly onto anything from clothes, lunch boxes and pencil cases, to sports equipment and cycling helmets, just like an ordinary sticker. For clothes, we recommend that you put the label on the care tag, as it attaches best on a smooth and even surface. 

Each pack contains 90 name labels. You can write 4 lines and up to 16 letters on each line on a name label. 

Add your child’s favourite symbol next to the name, phone number or other information. The symbols also help the youngest recognize their things.

The labels are both dishwasher and laundry proof up to 90 degrees.

Instructions for use:

  • Place the name label on a clean and dry surface.
  • Make sure the sides are pressed down completely, so that they don’t come loose.
  • The smoother the surface, the better the labels will stick. This is why we recommend that you use the care tag in clothes.
  • Wait at least 24 hours before putting the name labels in the dishwasher, and 3 days before putting them in the washing machine. This way you ensure that the glue has hardened enough to be able to resist hot water.  Afterwards, the labels can withstand washing at up to 90 degrees. 
  • New clothes must be washed before you attach the name label, as new clothing is often treated with a softener that can cause the name label to adhere less securely. 
  • If you want to remove the name label, we advise you to first lift up the edges with a nail or a pointy object. It can be helpful to use hot water to loosen the label once the edges have been lifted up.

Size: 32 x 14 mm
Number: 90 labels

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