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Press release

18th September 2006

MyDummy™ - Danish mother solves old problem with creation of personalized dummies

Children's dummies get lost at day care or end up in other children's mouths, spreading germs and causing ownership mix-ups. With MyDummy™, your child's personal name is permanently engraved on the dummy. The dummy problem is solved!

The personalized dummy is a wonderful product for day care, or wherever dummies end up on the floor and don't always end up in the right mouth afterwards. Day care staff and parents can now see the child's name on the dummy, putting an end to mix-ups and reducing the sharing of germs and bacteria. MyDummy™ also solves the problem of disappearing dummies, as MyDummy™ is easily recognizable.

Pia Callesen, the Danish mother and creator of MyDummy™, says "When I went to day care to pick up my son Frederik, more often than not I found that his dummy had disappeared and Frederik had another child's dummy in his mouth. I began searching for a dummy with a name on it, but I got the same answer in all the shops, 'buy a permanent marker pen and write his name on the dummy.' I thought it should be possible for all parents to buy a quality dummy with their child's name engraved on it. Apart from looking good, it could then also survive repeated sterilization."

"After working on the idea, we are proud to add UK on the list of countries personalized dummies are being offered to", says Pia Callesen.

MyDummy™ is a quality European-produced product and all our dummies meet the EU standard EN 1400.

MyDummy™ can be purchased on the internet at They are available in packs of three for only £ 8.95 plus £ 1.50 for shipping and handling.

The personalised dummies are available in different colours, and with either silicone or latex nipples. There is room for up to two lines of text on each MyDummy™. At you can see just how a child's name will look when engraved on one of our dummies, before you order. MyDummy™ also makes a great gift!


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