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About Us

The mum behind MyDummy™
My name is Pia Callesen, mum to Frederik and Emma and creator of MyDummy™ - the personalised dummies for babies and young children.

I came up with the idea of personalising dummies in 2005 when my son Frederik started at day care. More often than not when I came to pick him up, I found that not only had his dummy disappeared, but another's dummy had found its way into his mouth. Far from happy about this unnecessary spreading of germs and bacteria, and the constant replacement of dummies, I decided to do something about it.

I began searching for dummies with names on them, but I got the same answer in all the shops, 'buy a permanent marker pen and write his name on the dummy or stick a name tag on it.' But none of these solutions were good enough as they could not withstand the necessary sterilisation of the dummy.

It was then I decided that it simply had to be possible for all parents to buy a quality dummy with their child's name engraved on it. A dummy that would look both stylish and survive the rigours of sterilisation. And so MyDummy™ was born!

What is a MyDummy™?
MyDummy™ is a stylish personalised dummy with your child?s name, or any other type of personal text, permanently engraved on it. It makes your child's dummy easy to recognise and the name/text will not disappear, no matter how many times you boil or sterilise the dummy.

Whether at day care, at home, or any other place where young children are together, MyDummy™ will help put an end to missing and switched dummies and the unnecessary spreading of germs and bacteria.

At we engrave your personal choice of text on a wide range of high-quality dummies that we buy from the world's leading manufacturers of dummies. Our dummies are high quality dummies that meet European standard EN 1400 and they are all PVC/Phthalate-free.

MyDummies™ come in many different colours and models and are available as orthodontic, symmetrical and round dummies in silicone or latex. There's room enough for up to three lines of text on a MyDummy™ and the personalised MyDummies™ will be delivered directly to your door within 2-6 days. In our online shop you can see how your child?s name will look on a dummy before you order it.

The history of MyDummy™
It took about a year from the original idea until the forerunner of MyDummy™ was up and running at the beginning of 2005.

It all started out as a small online business that I ran from my living room in Denmark, but after only six months my personalised dummies were a major success in Denmark and there was a growing interest from the UK and other countries.

So, at the end of 2006, I decided that parents in the UK should also have the chance to buy the personalised dummies, and I launched

Since then, the business has taken off. Even though the dummy manufacturers did not initially believe in my idea, my little living room company has grown into a fully-fledged company with wonderful colleagues. We now send out more than 50,000 personalised dummies each month to babies and young children in 12 different countries.

My hope is that MyDummy™ can make everyday life easier, not only for parents, but for day care centres as well, and that everybody will be as happy with the use of MyDummies for their children as I am with mine.

Best wishes

Pia Callesen
Pia, Frederik and Emma
Pia, Frederik and Emma